Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Google Launches Transliteration Services

Google Launches Transliteration Services.

Google has also launched Transliteration for Indian

Google Transliteration is a Major Milestone in easing the communication in the vernacular language. It will help bridging the gap between rural and urban people. It will also help save the languages from dyeing.
It is very simple to use. It translates as you type!

How it works?

Just Click on the Language below to see the live transliteration as you type the words.

Gujarati Transliteration.

Hindi Transliteration.

Visit http://www.google.com/transliterate/ for transliteration in other languages.

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  1. On-line Google Transliteration is a very handy tool for typing in Hindi provided with example at http://www.quicksoftservices.com/hindi.html

    It is explained in very simple way.