Friday, March 26, 2010

ICICI Bank Token Queue Sysytem

ICICI Bank introduced one of the finest system of Token Queue system. It is a welcome step by bank to provide quality services to the customer. The purpose of the system is to bring efficiency and let customer know when he will be attended particularly during the rush time. Also, I have noticed at some branches of ICICI bank that you don't need to get the token for depositing the cheque(s), but, opposed to that some branches just would not accept the cheque deposit unless customer is coming in queue. Even though officers are free having no customer to attend or just for the sake of following the blind rule of thumb as seen in government offices. This is the finest example of misuse of the system.

While other nationalized banks are ready to give acknowledgement and having special counter for accepting cheques, why does ICICI bank insist on depositing cheque through ATM and gives cold response for acknowledgement. Cheque Deposit at ATM should be seen as a facility to the customer but can not be forced on to customers to operate that way only. I think if bank really wants to bring in the quality service to customer then they need to give proper directives to their branches or it will become lethargic system.

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