Friday, March 26, 2010


One of the lousiest branch, i have ever seen. They insist cash to be deposited in envelope only. In the name of customer service they avoid giving acknowledgement and work at their leisure. No matter what customer says. It is also a sheer waste of stationery. When somebody is coming ready with cash deposit slip (as normal practice at all the banks) and ready to wait for acknowledgement, why should bank at first insist on cash deposit in envelope. The worst part is today 26th March, 2010, I deposited cash at 09:45am and was not given credit till 15:05pm. I personally had to go to the bank and approach Manager Mr. Satpal singhji to bring the issue to his notice.

I think in this case, it is the policy at ICICI Bank, which needs to give proper directive to the branches, that Cheque Deposit in Envelope should be an option to the customer and not the compulsion imposed by bank.

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