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Earth Hour 2010 has Arrived - Earth Hour Facts

Capture the moment - Earth Hour has arrived!

8:30pm Saturday 27th March, 2010.

It's now a just hours away from Earth Hour and we want to help you prepare for the big day with a quick how-to guide to sharing your photos, videos, blog posts and tweets with us and the rest of the globe on the night.

At 8.30pm on 27 March, lights will go out for one hour all over the world and we’d love you to help capture the moment in your area. We’re going to be adding your photos and videos to the homepage of on the night as it happens around the world, so upload your images and videos as soon as you can.

Upload your photos:

Upload your videos:

Tweets and blog posts: use the tag '#earthhour' to help us find your post

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Earth Hour 2009 was from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time, March 28, 2009. 88 countries and 4,088 cities participated in Earth Hour 2009, ten times more cities than Earth Hour 2008 had (2008 saw 400 cities participate). One billion votes was the stated aim for Earth Hour 2009, in the context of the pivotal 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference.
Among the participants in 2009 was, for the first time, the United Nations headquarters in New York City. The U.N. conservatively estimates that its participation will save $102 in energy.
Reports show that the United States topped the Earth Hour participation with an estimated 80,000,000 people, 318 cities and 8 states participating. The Philippines saw participation from 647 cities and towns or over 15 million Filipinos were estimated to have joined in the hour-long lights-off at 8:30 - 9:30 PM local time. This was followed by Greece with 484 cities and towns participating, and Australia with 309.
The Canadian province of Ontario, excluding the city of Toronto, saw a decrease of 6% of electricity while Toronto saw a decrease of 15.1% (nearly doubled from 8.7% the previous year) as many businesses darkened, including the landmark CN Tower.
Swedish electricity operator Svenska Kraftnät recorded 2.1% decrease in power consumption from its projected figure between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. The following hour, the corresponding number was 5%. This equals the consumption of approximately half a million households out of the total 4.5 million households in Sweden.
According to Vietnam Electricity Company, Vietnam electricity demand fell 140,000 kWh during Earth Hour.
The Philippines was able to save 611 MWh of electricity during the time period, and is said to be equivalent to shutting down a dozen coal-fired power plants for an hour.

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